The quirky, playful, and fun designs are our interpretation of good vibes and things that make people happy.

Committed to using only sustainable fabrics, Dorte’s simple dream is creating beautiful apparels you would love to wear.

'Table of Joy' by Nhena

We are so excited to invite you to join us at the 'Table of Joy', our latest collection brought to you by the much-loved Indonesian illustrator, Nhena.
Through Table of Joy, Nhena tells us a story of rediscovering the little things that spark joy in life. The self-taught artist recalls her younger years when drawing and coloring were more than just a child thing. She would express her thoughts and emotions through images she drew on anything, including her school text books. This led to her enthusiasm being curbed at one stage by those around her, both at home and school. 
Years went by but Nhena’s passion for drawing and coloring never really faded away. Art gave her solace when she felt a little lost in life growing up. One morning she realized that having breakfast with her husband and young daughter is the moment she feels happiest. The shapes and colors of the food also give her joy. Family breakfast has since become among the sources of contentment for her.
We would love to share with you this happiness through our collaborative project with Nhena. Printed on organic cotton, Table of Joy brings out the playful and exuberant spirits of the inner child we all have within us. 

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Why Do We Use Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton uses up to 95% less water than conventional cotton during the wash phase and doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals, bleaches or dyes that conventional cotton uses. Additionally, conventional cotton often requires the use of chemical-laden pesticides that increases the debt burden on the farmer and leaches into the land and water. So not only is dorte organic clothing so super soft that you’ll never want to wear anything else, but your new dresses is also better for the environment and good for the people who played a part in making it :)

  • Bec, Melb

    "Just took some photos wearing my Dorte dress and it’s just so beautiful just had to let you know again"

  • Liv

    "I always get so many comments when I wear this dress! I love it! Thank you"

  • Chels

    "Hiiii I just wanted to say I got your Sophie smock dress in the post today and HOLY MACKEREL it is stunning!!! I whipped it out of the package and put it on straight away! The fabric is such beautiful quality and so comfortable! I’m sure I’ll be posting some shots of it in the next few days and I’ll definitely be buying more from you! Thank you so much" 🥰

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